Medical and Healthcare


We are a real estate investment and advisory platform. Blue Laine appreciates the integrated value real estate has and provides to the medical and healthcare industries. The physical necessity of space coupled with each unique practice requirement makes any real estate investment within the space of keen interest to our platform.


By leveraging our experienced team that spans multiple specialties, we can efficiently find, vet and curate optimal building, tenancy and partnership opportunities.






Medical, Real-Estate, Healthcare, Finance, and Development
Medical, Real-Estate, Healthcare, Finance, and Development


Advisory Services and Investments

This advisory service and investment platform is the direct result of witnessing the continued evolution of needs within the medical real estate asset class.

Our mission is to identify synergistic locations throughout the United States that make long-term sense for both end-users and investors alike.

The demand for this platform varies from one-off medical practices to regional practice groups and large-scale healthcare systems. As the needs and opportunities throughout the country and the industry morph, the need and creativity for medical curated facilities increases exponentially.

The flexibility of our platform allows us the ability to be both a service provider and or investor depending upon the nature of the situation or individual partner’s needs.

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