Family Offices

Family Offices

Be it M&A Due Diligence, Asset Valuation, Outsourced Asset Management, or Expense Optimization, our practice group understands the needs of Family Offices.   We analyze, craft, and implement defendable financial strategies designed to create accretive value by enhancing EBITDA and mitigating operational liabilities both short and long-term.

By matching the investment strategies of the family office with the operational needs of the investment, we provide analytical insights and effectuate thought-provoking and lasting economic change while improving the outcome of a given investment.


Common Pain Points

Rising Operating Costs & Expertise

What are the cost-benefits of In-sourcing vs Out-sourcing for resources?

Approaching Alternative Investments

How do you create a process to assess GP vs LP vs Fund investments within the Opportunity Zone space?


Fiduciary vs Service Provider

How can you ensure appropriate Real Estate oversight for the Family’s assets?


Portfolio Assessment

When was the last time an asset class allocation assessment was performed? (Buy, Sell, Hold)



Is there an acquisition plan for the next 5, 15, and 30 years that incorporates both changing dynamics in each Industry’s space and future Industry evolutions (Cannabis, AI, ECommerce, Geo-Political Risks, etc.)

Unique Service Offerings

National and Global Real Estate Dashboard

Emerging Trends Updates

Annual Portfolio "Gut-Check"

Asset-by-Asset Operational Diagnostic Assessment

Featured Consulting Services

CRE Asset Management

Extensive experience in acting as fiduciaries and court-appointed receivers for assets and real-estate



Market Assessment of Value

Determine the potential selling price or estimated “market” value of any commercial real estate property



M&A Due Diligence

Assess risk, restructure liabilities, streamline technology platforms, monetize assets, and enhance EBITDA