M&A Due Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

In evaluating acquisition targets, or priming PortCos for sale, our consultancy can help you identify transaction value drivers by extracting, mitigating, and optimizing fixed operational costs. Our goal is to assess risk, restructure/terminate liabilities, streamline technology platforms, monetize assets, and enhance EBITDA wherever possible.

Highlights of our process and methodology include the following:

Acquisition Due Diligence

Analysis of a target acquisition’s Technology Platform(s), Real Estate Portfolio (lease and owned), Occupancy Costs, Space Usage, Operation Costs, and Financial Risks.


Acquisition Target Integration

Examine the potential overlap of Technology Platforms, Contracts, Leases, Real Estate Footprints, Energy Consumption & Procurement; 

Interdepartmental alignment of an organization’s operating model with its core objectives.

Internal and External Benchmarking

Compare/Contrast Industry/Peer Operating Metrics and Strategies

Assess Logistics Capabilities and Potential Supply Chain Optimization Strategies.

Workplace Analysis

Measure the current efficiency of the target organization’s workforce and workflow within their existing operational framework.

Creation of a comprehensive implementation plan: Strategic Formulation and Transformation Management.

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