When an investment our equity partnership is not required, our Platform can provide the same advisory services to third parties albeit as a consultant. The end goal of our consulting engagements remains the same as those for our investments, methodically maneuvering sites through the entitlement process.

With our diverse team and expertise, we lead our clients through the entire evaluation and site closure/development process:

Data Center power
  • Site Pipeline Development
  • Site Selection
  • Land Option / Contract Negotiation
  • Fiber Availability
  • Upfront Vetting of Major Critical Variables
data centers
  • Power Impact Studies / Utility Engagement
  • Zoning / Lobbying
  • Data Center Market Feasibility Assessment and Analysis
  • Site Planning: Geo/Soil/ Survey
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Water / Sewer / Wastewater Impacts


Data Center
  • Air Permitting
  • Property / Political Risk Assessments
  • Property Tax Abatement Process
  • Data Center Industry Relationships
  • Exit Option Development & Negotiation