Strategic Planning

To Consilium Partners, Strategic Planning is the art of:

  • Crafting a holistic operations plan that adjusts for the natural ebbs and flows of business change
  • Aligning interdepartmental objectives 
  • Enabling agility throughout the organization in both Performance and Liability Management 
  • Fostering Technology Usage and Technology Emersion 
  • Streamlining Expenses and Long-term Exposure  

Critical Components Include:


Liability Management

  • Assessment of Current Contracts, Leases, and Other Operations-Related Obligations
  • Valuation of Existing Assets and Options – Buy, Sell, Hold
  • Effectuate Change in Liabilities: Restructurings, Terminations, Downsizings, Subleases, Monetization

Agility Enablement

  • Outsource vs In-Source – Which Disciplines & Functions Should be Impacted and Why?
  • Utilization: Headcounts, Technology Usage & Footprint Management
  • Contractual Limitations: Ensuring Optionality, Termination rights, Caveats, Governmental Regulations, Revenue Hurdles, Corporate Liability Limitations 

Performance Enhancement

  • Culture – Continuity, Innovation, Collaboration, Retention, Hiring, Brand
  • Enhancing Speed to Market Strategies
  • Agility Enablement – Decreasing Fixed Operational Constructs 
  • Remain Competitive – Peer Benchmarking & Industry Trends 

Technology Integration

  • Needs assessment against current infrastructure
  • Data Management – In-house vs Cloud vs Hybrid 
  • Existing Infrastructure – Decommission and Transformation 
  • Cost / Benefit Assessment: Needs vs Wants vs ROI