Asset Management

Appointed by the court (or on behalf of a bank, lender or special servicer) to take custodial responsibility over real property that serves as collateral for a loan in default. Handle the tangible and intangible assets related to the property (Office – Industrial – Retail – Multi-Family – Land).


  • Leasing
  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Construction Management
  • Renovations
  • Tenant Relation
  • Vendor Management and Procurement
  • Overall Asset Value Creation
  • Exit Strategy Development and Implementation
As independent third party advisers to an ownership entity (GP, LP, Private Equity, Estate, Family Owned, etc.), we provide an unbiased and fiduciary role to analyze, advise and implement prudent strategies for a given asset.

Evaluation and Hiring of Best-in-Class Service Providers:
Architects, Contractors, Cleaning Services, Leasing Teams, Property Managers, etc.

Budget Creation and Management:
Taking into account current local market factors, occupancy situations, ROI expectations, and Exit scenarios

On-Going Assessment:
Monthly Reports to stakeholders detailing progress and short-falls which need to be addressed

Expense Analysis and Cost Controls:
Ongoing evaluation and analysis of capital flowing into and out of and asset.
Maintaining oversight on the asset’s overall objectives for the ownership structure both short-term and long-term (ROI, ROE, CAP RATE, Refinancing, etc.)

Capital Budgeting and Property Management


Annual Maintenance Planning:
Facility Audits/Reviews, Benchmarking, Strategic Planning, Budget Creation, Capital Planning, Prioritization, and Project Plans

Technical Operations:
HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Engineering, Fire, Life Safety, etc.

Sustainability & Energy:
Energy Procurement, Efficiency Planning

Managed Services:
Call Center, Staff, Incident Response, Budget Management

Services Procurement and Management:
Janitorial, Waste, Vending, Catering, Pest Control, Landscaping, etc.

Access & Security:
Access and Intruder Detection Systems, Manned Guards/Patrols

Construction and Project Management:
Bid Procurement and Analysis, Timelines, and Costs Controls

Workplace Solutions:
Environmental Health, Safety, and Enjoyment

Working upfront with an ownership entity from beginning to end to establish and adhere to an overall strategic plan and exit strategy for a given asset.


  • Evaluate past, current and future market conditions
  • Vet underwriting assumptions based on real-time market data/transactions
  • Create/evaluate ARGUS models (ensure and prove market assumptions)


  • Develop a master budget and capital plan for an asset
  • Implement the plan to ensure delivery and cost controls are adhered to.


  • Evaluation, hiring, and management of best-in-class service providers depending upon the nuances of the asset type, size, marketplace, etc.

Operational Cost Control:

  • Maintaining oversight on the asset’s overall objectives for the ownership structure both short-term and long- term (ROI, ROE, CAP RATE, Refinancing, etc.)


  • Make disposition recommendations and timeline (refinance, sale, LP equity, etc.)
  • Prepare offering memorandums for sale or equity
  • Position properties for sale